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    ALSPEC launches new INVISI-SCREEN window screens with improved features


    Aluminium systems specialist ALSPEC announces the launch of an improved range of window screens based on the design of their proven INVISI-SCAPE systems.

    Committed to constant product improvement, ALSPEC has redesigned their INVISI-SCAPE range to suit the needs of the ever-evolving marketplace, with the INVISI-SCREEN system incorporating several new features.

    Hollow perimeter frame

    The new hollow perimeter frame of the INVISI-SCREEN system increases rigidity, reduces sag, offers greater impact resistance and enhances security. The INVISI-SCREEN frame has a screw flute for ease of fabrication and increased corner strength, and features concealed fixings to improve security and enhance the exterior appearance. The same perimeter frame is used for INVISI-SCREEN and INVISI-SCREEN MAXX models.

    Flat faced sash

    The new flat faced sash on the INVISI-SCREEN allows a smooth external face giving a more modern and contemporary appearance. Key features also include cornerstake inside the sash doubling the ‘I Value’, reduced frame width increasing open mesh area for greater visibility and increased airflow, reduced clearance between the sash and the perimeter frame minimising any possibility of a pinch point for fingers, and bulb seal added to reduce noise when the screen is latched closed, also removing noise from any screen movement under extreme weather conditions.

    Screen release lever

    The screen release lever in the INVISI-SCREEN is a push-to-escape handle system, allowing the user to unlock and open the screen in one smooth and easy motion at the time of exit. The handle now releases the screen after only 20 degrees of movement, assisting with a speedy escape when required.

    Internal sash handle

    INVISI-SCREEN’s integrated internal sash handle gives consistent clean lines around the internal sash frame, with its increased rigidity reducing any flex when closing large screens.

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