Alspec  deals with the supply of Aluminium extrusions, hardware, framing suites and accessories to industrial and architectural markets. The diversified range of products from Alspec includes commercial door hardware, commercial doors and framing suites, commercial framing hardware, residential door and window hardware, security and fly screen products, security and fly screen hardware, Annexe and coolroom products, carport, patio and home improvements products, rolled products, sign boxes, custom extrusion designs and hardware accessories.

A wide range of geometric shapes are also offered by Alspec, which are inclusive of channels, angles, tubes, tees, flats, box sections and other shapes in a wide array of colours ideal for most needs. Custom made designs and extrusions are done according to the personal requirements of customers. Commercial door and framing suites are available in innovative designs from Alspec. 

Alspec offers demountable suites of 35mm and 44mm and display suites with 45mm. Alspec also offers concealed fix skirting, 550 Glazing suites, Awning windows, Ducted Skirting, Glazing channels and Hawkesbury Multi-Fold Suites, in the E2 and E3 type.

Alspec delivers high quality residential door and window hardware in numerous ranges, which cover Whitco Window products, Lockwood and Whitco Window stays, Lockwood and Whitco hinged door products, lockwood sliding door products, Austral door locks, Schlegal Bristol Window Stays, Whitco Sash Balances with a foot attached, as well as an adjustable version where the foot is sold separately.