Cloth towel dispensers from Alsco Pty  feature excellent comfort and absorbency and are produced in response to international research that shows that most people prefer to dry their hands using cloth towels.

Cloth towel dispensers provide a quick, cost effective and comfortable alternative to drying hands over blow dryers and disposable tissues. They also provide a hygienic solution with separate chambers for new and used towel portions, ensuring no contact between the two. During cleaning, towels are processed at over 150ºC.

Other features of cloth towel dispensers from Alsco Pty include:

  • Easy-to-use cabinet system
  • Eliminates overflowing bins and inconvenient empty dispensers
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Average of 200 uses per towel
  • Coloured towels for workshops and mechanic shops
Cloth towel dispensers from Alsco Pty are excellent hand drying solutions.