Allwood Living  supplies products which have style and appeal as their key features. Correct styling creates its own appeal and lifts up the room's atmosphere and ambience.

Comfort and quality is the main aspect which Allwood Living seeks for in its beds and bedroom furniture. Allwood Living believes that bedroom is the most occupied room of a house, and thus it should be the most comfortable one.

In its study design, Allwood Living concentrates on useable working area and storage space which will get the most out of from a study or home office. The more organised the study is, the more productive it will make the user.

For entertainment, furniture planning is very important. Allwood Living provides lift mechanisms which creates a real impression at home. It makes entertainment furniture more functional and stylish by full remote use.

Concealed installation of projector adds class to home cinema; Allwood Living goes for such mechanism. Allwood Living also provides such installation in a coffee table, bulkhead or ceiling.

When a new kitchen is being planned a proper design is a must for that, a good looking kitchen is going to be useless if it does not follow the correct layout or function. Allwood Living helps that happen by combining the latest available fittings and accessories which ensures that the kitchen is functional and at the same time stylish.