AllTech Refrigeration Services  is a provider of refrigeration products and services in Australia. AllTech Refrigeration Services has been operating under its presents owners since 1992 and has been constantly updating its strategies, making structural changes with the vision to grow.

With an aim to become one among the leading refrigeration companies of Adelaide, AllTech Refrigeration Services has been adding one refrigeration technician and two apprentices every year. The company has also been making additions to the office administration and sales staff in order to provide satisfactory services to its customers.

The wide range of refrigeration products available from AllTech Refrigeration Services are display cabinets, ice machines, ice makers, supermarket cabinets, water coolers and medical cabinets. AllTech Refrigeration Services also designs and installs all kinds of refrigeration equipment, offering skilled, qualified technicians who are experienced to handle these services. 

AllTech Refrigeration Services offers a wide range of display cabinets to suit the diverse individual customer needs. There is a variety to select from as AllTech Refrigeration Services has access to a different brands and models. With regards to ice machines, AllTech Refrigeration Services (Australia) handles products in the Brema range and these are units manufactured in Italy.

AllTech Refrigeration Services also provides kitchen refrigeration equipment to satisfy various types of requirements as well as maintain freshness and safety of the food stocked in them.