AllTech Refrigeration Services  has the skills and expertise to frame and install refrigeration systems for a vast range of industries and an even wider variety of applications. All refrigeration applications are specially designed to meet individual needs of each user.

The last few years have seen the early directives come to fruition as AllTech Refrigeration Services has experienced significant growth, which has resulted in the pouring in of more employees and technicians.

AllTech Refrigeration Services offers a variety of skills and equipment to primary industries. It has great skill and expertise in supply, installation and service of all types of refrigeration application which growers and wholesalers require. AllTech Refrigeration Services has been a close associate of SARDI (South Australian Research & Development Institute) to find the ideal environments for fruit and vegetable storage and cooling.

AllTech Refrigeration Services is the provider of great services to the retail industry. It has sound experience in general services, supermarket upgradations and maintenances in this industry where there are constant high demands. Alltech Refrigeration Services locates the needs of the client to lessen any downtime or potential stock loss due to it's thorough project management skills .

AllTech Refrigeration Services thus deals in supply and install of supermarket cases, plant upgrades, service planned maintenance, display fridges and freezers, cool rooms and freezer rooms.