Allstyle Furniture  is one of the leading suppliers of quality furniture to various sections such as clubs, hotels, cafes, motels, restaurants, resorts, hospitals, schools, offices and churches. Allstyle Furniture provides obligation-free quotations for customer requirements and also packages which include trade in deals.

Allstyle Furniture deals in meeting the dining, lounge, tables, bistro or café, outdoor, stools or gaming demands of the furniture market.

Allstyle Furniture was incorporated in July 1995 with the motive of the two working directors to form an organisation mainly involved in the provision of marketing and sales of furniture meant for commercial purpose. The two directors had earlier been employed in the industry for a combined total of over thirty years and it was believed that their extensive network of contacts and expertise formed within the industry would help greatly in the formation and major success of their business venture.

Allstyle Furniture operates from an advanced showroom and storage facility. Allstyle Furniture has arrangements with select manufacturers in Queensland for the purpose of meeting the demand for their ever increasing range of products. Allstyle Furniture, at present, is thinking of expanding by importing products.