Allstate Asbestos and Demolition  provide safe asbestos removal services in commercial, industrial and domestic sectors.

The owners and mangers of commercial properties are legally involved in undertaking proper and professional asbestos inspections to determine the level of asbestos contained within the buildings structure.

Allstate Asbestos and Demolition are contractors in the field of commercial building asbestos removal covering all essential aspects of qualified building inspections, asbestos removal and asbestos disposal.

The main areas of focus include the initial building survey, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, ventilation and ductwork cleaning, fire protection and water leak detection and testing.

Cement bonded asbestos is found in sheet form as grey, corrugated or flat sheets. This material contains a small amount of asbestos that is encapsulated within the cement, and it does not present a health risk. However, if it is broken, drilled, sawn, sanded or scrubbed, fibres are released and it becomes airborne.
These fibres when inhaled cause lung damage and cancer. Asbestos was used in large scale in the construction of homes because of its strength and heat resisting qualities.

Therefore, removal of asbestos related materials from the attic or ceiling and other areas of the home are essential and during this process, steps need to be taken to ensure that contamination does not occur.

Allstate Asbestos and Demolition conducts inspection of these areas before any toxic dust extraction processes are carried out.

In industrial work place environments where there is sensitive instrumentation and equipment being used, dirt and dust distorts the accuracy of the readings affecting the product quality. This may lead to worker health issues, hinder product quality, as well affect productivity.

Allstate Asbestos and Demolition also help in removing undesirable dirt and debris swiftly, safely and with minimal disruption in site activity.

When asbestos roof surfaces are exposed to the elements over the years, a loose surface layer is developed on the roofs and it becomes colonised with lichen.

The lichen attacks the cement that causes the exposure of asbestos fibres. Asbestos weathered roofs that remain untreated give off dangerous fibres.

When weathered asbestos becomes unstable, it poses a significant risk to the community. In this situation, roof removal is always the preferred option.

Asbestos encapsulation is only permitted on stable non-friable asbestos. Allstate Asbestos and Demolition applies a stabilising coat followed by a finishing coat to the roof in line according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

The encapsulation benefits include:

  • Decrease in roof cavity temperatures
  • Encapsulation of airborne asbestos fibres
  • Resists the growth of algae
  • Increases the life of asbestos structures
  • Provides a modern appearance in new colours and adds value
  • to property.
Allstate Asbestos & Demolition provide vacuum cleaning service that is applied in the following situations like:

  • Vacuum cleaning of roof spaces (domestic & commercial properties, after removal of asbestos insulation and for general dust)
  • Industrial situations (factory floors, ceiling beams etc.) using high-powered trailer mounted vacuum system.
Allstate Asbestos and Demolition also ensures that the vacuum system used by them meets with the appropriate standard, is fitted with a suitable HEPA filter, and complies with all regulations and guidelines.