Allstar Shutters Blinds & Awnings provides timber shutters that come in a range of premium timbers from Western Red Cedar & Cottonwood. These products are for clients who do not want to compromise on quality. The , budget range consists of of Poplar Timber Shutters and is for those who are budget conscious but definitely want a good quality product.

Allstar Shutters Blinds & Awnings designs timber venetian blinds that provide a modern and contemporary look. Timber venetian blinds offered by Allstar Shutters Blinds & Awnings bring the warmth and beauty of natural timber to the windows and can be custom painted or stained.

Each timber blind that is offered by Allstar Shutters Blinds & Awnings is made from the finest quality cedar and cottonwood timbers, comes with amatching headrail trim, wooden acorns and rail buttons. The wood is meticulously prepared, expertly crafted and the heavy-duty headrail system allows for smooth operation and secure locking.

Allstar Shutters Blinds & Awnings uses only the finest quality components which enable the venetian blind to be titled, raised and lowered by colour coordinated hand controls. Allstar Shutters Blinds & Awnings also supply fully motorised remote control systems for all the blinds. Whether the customer is considering timber blinds for internal use or external use, it will bring a unique look to your decor.