Pool fencing clear up to 50mm thickness, available from Allstar Plastics. The material specs Allstar Plastics supply comply with the new Australian swimming pool laws for safety standards.  

Plexiglas sheets, cut to size to increase the height of pool fences come with a 30-year guarantee against colour change for outdoor applications.  

Allstar Plastics offers full sheet and cut to size service on Polycarbonate, Plexiglas and Acrylic.  

Pool fencing material acrylic / plexiglas from Allstar Plastics are an effective replacement for glass.  

Polycarbonate Cut To Size: 

  • Available in options such as Impax, Lexan, UV2, General Purpose, Tinted and Opal
  • Polycarbonate sheet has 250x more impact strength than glass
  • Lightweight in construction
  • Excellent for security/ safety applications

Plexiglas and Perspex pool fencing:

  • Options include Outdoor Applications (Green House), Aquarium Grade, Acrylic Mirror and Acrylic Green Edge
  • Plexiglas is about 17x stronger than glass and half the weight