The flexibility and design freedom of the wide range of Plexiglass and Perspex sheets (various brands), available from Allstar Plastics , provide manufacturers and end users an ideal choice for plastic fabrication and custom design.

Point of sale displays and stands can all be made to order and manufactured either in single or bulk quantities. Allstar Plastics incorporate various products to give the end result that one would like to achieve – using acrylic rod and tube, polycarbonate or other types of perspex sheeting.

Allstar Plastics have the facilities to thermoform, router cut or laser cut to produce this result. Acrylic mirror (silver or gold) are also available and are often cheaper, lighter in weight and safer options than glass mirror.

HDPE (cutting board) or Polypropylene, Polystyrene as well as powdercoated products and stainless steel can also be incorporated into displays. Sandblasted acrylic gives similar effects to the SatinIce plexiglass range, which Allstar Plastics also stock.