Allplay Equipment (Aust) Sales  offer a variety of heavy duty playground equipment for fun and fitness. There is a range of equipment in various sizes and designs.

Allplay Equipment (Aust) Sales offer monkey bars, chin up bars, Parallel Bars, and Rope Climb for arm and shoulder workouts. For abdomen and trunk workouts, Allplay Equipment (Aust) Sales provide equipment for pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, back-arch, sit ups and swing rings.

Allplay Equipment (Aust) Sales also offer hurdles, step ups, jump reach and log hops for leg exercises. For arms and shoulders, Allplay Equipment (Aust) Sales offer log walls, turnover bars, fence walks, over and under, scramble walls, single 1.5m wide, fire stations, fire poles, ladder climbs, frame climbers and track glides.

For the balance walk, Allplay Equipment (Aust) Sales offers suspended balance walks, burmese bridges, swing bridges and clatter bridges. Allplay Equipment (Aust) Sales also have a wide range of layouts, including; Fun Round, Activity Gazebo, Ladder Slide, Gym Round, RoundVillage, Tower Challenge, Junior Gym, Play Castle, Grand Climber, to name a few.

At Allplay Equipment (Aust) Sales, there are fitness products for all age groups. Allplay Equipment (Aust) Sales designs its products based on customers’ needs and available space.