Allplastics Engineering supplied the decorative glazing panels for South West Healthcare’s Warrnambool Base Hospital, Victoria’s largest integrated Primary Care facility delivering contemporary 21st century healthcare.

Offering a large range of community health, medical and mental health services, the $115 M Warrnambool Base Hospital features an architectural design inspired by abstracted images of the local coastline environment. Courtyard walls and walls behind the perforated screens are pre-cast concrete in textured finish while intricate metal screens provide a linking element and sun shading to the eastern facade.

Metal AIR-Board UV PC panels from Allplastics blend perfectly with the geometry of the outdoor screens. Located at the entrance to the offices of various departments, the panels were installed by the builders CE Australia. 

Metal AIR-Board composite panels are ultra-light and composed of highly transparent 2mm thick UV protected polycarbonate top sheets and a hexagonal aluminium honeycomb core. Measuring 3020 x 1220 x 19 mm, the panel comes with standard cell dimensions of 12.7mm while cell diameters of 6.4mm, 9.5mm and 25.9mm are available on request for projects. Top sheets of tinted or satin colours can be made for minimum runs of 200m².

Metal AIR-Board composite panels are rigid, lightweight and transparent, delivering both aesthetic and functional benefits. Widely used for internal architectural, decorative, glazing and furniture applications, the polycarbonate panels can be easily cut and finished with edging in clear or other colours, and can be framed or joined using standard frames and accessories.