Polycarbonate mirrors from Allplastics Engineering are designed to provide a safe and durable mirror surface in various government and public facilities.

The unbreakable hard coat 6mm thick polycarbonate mirrors from Allplastics have been installed in a diverse range of projects from government facilities such as police stations, mental health units and prisons to public restrooms and boat toilets. Lightweight and unbreakable mirrors are the preferred choice over glass or acrylic mirrors in these facilities.

Being unbreakable, polycarbonate mirror sheets have the added advantage of safety as it’s almost impossible to shatter the mirror and use the broken pieces as a weapon.

For applications where surface toughness and durability are not critical, Allplastics offers a standard polycarbonate mirror instead of the hard coat version, which can be cost-prohibitive. Measuring 3m x 2m x 6mm thickness, the standard polycarbonate mirror offers a more affordable choice for regular environments.