Tourism Australia had launched a star-studded Crocodile Dundee-inspired TV commercial at the Super Bowl in 2018, aimed at creating nostalgia among American Crocodile Dundee fans and encouraging them to visit Down Under.

Thirty years since Crocodile Dundee became the highest-grossing Australian film of all time, Tourism Australia decided to commemorate the great success of their Dundee-inspired television campaign by commissioning a display window featuring important elements associated with the iconic character.

The Allplastics Engineering team helped Tourism Australia mark the achievement by fabricating extremely high-quality acrylic displays within a short deadline.

Allplastics Engineering completed the customised mounting in consultation with Tourism Australia. The exhibition window displays the classic armaments of Crocodile Dundee, including his bowie knife, leather waistcoat, crocodile teeth hat and necklace among others.

The custom fabricated clear acrylic showcase is designed to protect these treasures from deterioration caused by the elements as well as allow easy transportation.

Allplastics Engineering also offers a bubble-free gluing joint for showcases in galleries and museums. The special glue is dried under UV lights to provide a quality edge and joints.

Work with Allplastics Engineering for your point-of-sale display, exhibition stand, window display, gallery showcase, and museum and shop fitouts by selecting from a wide range of clear, frost and colour materials.