TOTALStone decorative cladding panels from Allplastics Engineering were used by Pitch Design in the studio design project for the Wide World of Sports program on Channel Nine.

The current studio set for the iconic Australian TV program has been designed by Mark Dyson of Pitch Design, one of Australia’s most respected and experienced television set designers.

TOTALStone Laja was chosen for its practical and aesthetic features and the installation of the panels on the background was executed by Greg Murphy Scenery with stunning results.

TOTALStone cladding panels can be used both indoors and outdoors, offering designers and project managers a very practical solution for urgent projects on a strict deadline. 

Available in a wide range of textures and colours, TOTALStone decorative panels allow set designers and event creators to achieve a very realistic reproduction of concrete, slate, brick, or sandstone surfaces without the disadvantages associated with such materials such as weight and expense.

TOTALStone decorative panels are ideal for use on external cladding, internal walls, cladding for pubs and restaurants, roofs and ceilings, water features and television studio sets.

Key features and advantages of TOTALStone cladding panels include significant cost savings on labour; easily installed and adapted to any surface; excellent UV resistance; fireproof, waterproof and insulating; outdoor and indoor use; light weight; requires no maintenance or cleaning; choice of textures for natural designs; emulates brick, slate or sandstone; and can be easily painted over. 

TOTALStone is available in panel sizes of 2850 x 1300 x 3 (mm) and weighs only 5.5kg/m². TOTALStone panels, arches and pillars are available in stock.