Allplastics Engineering  provides the new Total stone panel system. The Total stone panel system offers total solution for all decor requirements.

  • Natural crushed stone surface
  • Internal/external, waterproof and insulating
  • Lightweight, thin, solid and durable
  • Adaptable and versatile for all applications

The Total stone panel system provides a practical and economical answer to applications where venue walls and ceilings need to be constructed or cladded. Its natural inspiration, where nature and warmth are dominant, provides with soft textures for an harmonious ambience.

Panel sizes are 2850 x 1300 and with approximately 5.5 kg per square metre. It is easily carried and fixed by using screws to any surface finishes.

Available in a wide variety of styles and colours, this Total stone panel system will transform any room in a manner and cost never before thought possible.