Simona twin wall sheets, available in Australia from Allplastics Engineering, are designed to simplify the construction of PE and PP tanks as well as similar structures. Now available in a 2000x1000x40mm size, the twin wall sheets combine exceptional rigidity, low specific weight and good thermal insulation with time-saving benefits during the fabrication and machining processes.

Key features of Simona twin wall sheets include high rigidity and strength; high break resistance; lighter weight compared to solid material due to cavities; excellent sound insulation (DIN EN ISO 140-3 certificates available on request); low heat transfer coefficients (K-value/U-value) based on ISO 8301, EN 1946-3; high thermal insulation; good electrical insulation; good slip properties; high wear resistance; high chemical resistance; low water absorption; resistance to microorganisms; and excellent fabrication capability.

Simona twin wall sheets allow rectangular tanks to be fabricated without steel reinforcement.

The preferred material for outdoor use, PE 100 is impact resistant down to -50°C and weather resistant, and offers a high level of chemical resistance. PP Alpha Plus has a service temperature range of 0°C to +100°C, and offers decent insulation properties next to good weldability. Recommended for indoor applications, PPs feature B1 low flammability following DIN 4102 and are primarily used in ventilation system construction.

Simona twin wall sheets find application in the fabrication of rectangular tanks, covers for electroplating baths, boat construction, floating pontoons for pipelines and supply lines at sea, stormwater retention basins, cooling water tanks, refrigerating containers, ice boxes, sound booths, spray booths, weather booths, safety tanks, water supply tanks, slide and anti-wear sheets in conjunction with thermal insulation, protective ducts for pipelines and supply lines, stone impact protection in road construction, sound barriers, safety floor sheets, and ventilation ducts.

Linings for transport stalls, linings for silos, medicinal baths for horses, partitions, bio-filters, wastewater engineering, sewage sludge treatment, flood protection structures, banners in sports and leisure facilities, and safety drip pans are some of the other application areas.


PE: 40mm x 1000mm x 4000mm

PP: 40mm x 1000mm x 4000mm