Allplastics Engineering is meeting the challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic with a range of products designed to minimise risk of transmission in healthcare and public spaces.

Allplastics has responded to urgent requests from hospitals, medical centres, pharmacies, supermarkets, veterinary clinics and many other businesses for their clear acrylic or polycarbonate barriers and/or screens. These barriers minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19 between employees and customers.

Allplastics’ expertise in fabrication of plastics allows them to quickly manufacture bespoke clear barriers or screens in any quantity. A team of dedicated installers is also available to expertly install the segregation barriers in your establishment.

Clear barriers can also be fabricated with cut-outs, if required, to allow transfer of sold goods and payment receipts across the counter. These barriers can be simple flat panels or bent with returns on both sides as well as polished edges provided for aesthetics and safety.

Allplastics can provide clear face mask boxes, clear disposable gloves dispensers, and safety notice boards for hospitals, medical centres, dental clinics, pharmacies, restaurants/ takeaways/ fast food chains, manufacturing plants, veterinary clinics, offices and newsagents among many more.