An inspirational design that was featured as an installation at the 2018 Sydney Vivid Light Festival used Plexiglas sheets from Allplastics Engineering to achieve the desired outcome. Allplastics has been associated with several standout installations at the Vivid Light Festival over the last decade.

The installation at the 2018 edition of the festival was commissioned by ANL Design and titled ‘Closer’. Constructed as a series of 3D interconnected translucent cubes, the installation invited visitors to enter and discover the maze-like interior where shadowy silhouettes could be seen through walls to reflect isolation and disorientation. Displayed on the corner of Phillip Street and Bridge in Sydney’s CBD, the installation was a commentary on social media and human relationships in the digital age.

Allplastics supplied a large part of the Plexiglas Satin Ice sheets, which became the most outstanding feature of the display. Plexiglas Satin Ice was chosen for its unique light diffusion properties, satin surface finish that minimised finger marks and a written 10-year warranty for outdoor use. Plexiglas also offers all the benefits associated with acrylic such as safety, recyclability and impact strength, which is 11 times that of normal glass.

“We thank the Allplastics team for its cooperation and delivery in a tight deadline for Vivid,” said Lawrence Liang from ANL Design.

In addition to neutral colours such as Satin Ice Crystal, Plexiglas sheets are also available in a wide spectrum of colours such as Strawberry, Ice Blue, Citrus and Plum among many more. Available thicknesses are 3mm, 6mm and 10mm.

Allplastics’ products address diverse applications in architecture, building, lighting, point of sale, exhibition, retail, landscape and infrastructure projects. These materials include PERSPEX Frost, Plexiglas Satin Ice, Polycarbonate, and Design Composite Translucent panels including PEP-Core, Air Board and Stage.