Allplastics Engineering are experts at manufacturing Perspex acrylic sheeting with extensive external testing having been performed in Australia. Perspex Noise Barrier is a unique Perspex product that combines all the standard benefits of Perspex, with additional noise reduction features.

Perspex Noise Barrier reflects noise and acts as a good sound insulator which makes it ideal for a number of residential, commercial and industrial applications. The Perspex sheeting also carries a 10 year outdoor guarantee and requires little maintenance making it a very cost effective building product.

Perspex has excellent UV, chemical and anti-graffiti cleaning product resistance, is scratch resistant, and has a hardened surface similar to aluminium. The acrylic sheeting is ideal for outdoor applications such as freeway screens and various glazing projects including motor home and caravan windows.

Perspex Noise Barrier will not flex under wind loads and it allows 92% light transmission so there is no optical distortion unlike glass or extruded sheet. For the environmentally conscious, the acrylic sheeting also undergoes closed loop recycling.