Allplastics Engineering have released a coloured Perspex acrylic sheeting which is ideal for designers who want the flexibility, strength and longevity of regular Perspex, but with better aesthetic qualities. Perspex Colour is available in a large range of colours to suit every project need, from bright primaries to cool pastels and customised colours to suit individual or corporate requirements.

Perspex Colour acrylic sheeting is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications and is available in a huge range of sheet sizes and thicknesses. It also has good resistance to chemicals, UV damage, moisture, wind and abrasive substances like anti-graffiti cleaners.

Perspex is an acrylic based sheeting which has become popular over recent years because of its durability and versatility. As it is quite cost effective, acrylic sheeting has replaced many other building materials in certain applications, such as glass in caravans.

Perspex Colour has a 10 year guarantee and performs well in all weather conditions. It has excellent light transmission too, without distorting vision.