Allplastics delivers decorative composite AIR-board® Acoustic panels to absorb the noise and segregate noisy areas when used as translucent partition panels. 

The AIR-board® Acoustic panels are lightweight, transparent sandwich panels consisting of micro-perforated translucent outer layers and a transparent honeycomb core to give a high level of sound absorption as well as a unique appearance and functionality.

AIR-board® Acoustic panels can be used for visual screening and zoning of work areas in both individual and large offices. It is innovative both in design and function in the followig three product groups: Partition walls, desk dividers and hanging partitions.

It is also possible to get a Digital Print on the AIR-Board (non acousitc) panels to give it your own unique look. The perfect example is the ceiling of the Wollongong Shopping Centre wich was supplied in internal grade 12mm AIR-Board with a fire certificate.

If you have noisy areas and are looking for a solution to reduce the noise, look no further than AIR-board® Acoustic for a unique appearance and functional product. The product is custom made for each project. Please allow 12 weeks for delivery from order date. Allplastics can be cut to size and shape. The standard AIR-board® (non-acoustic) panels are usually available in stock.