Allplastics Engineering introduces the AIR-board panel product series from Design Composite, ideal for versatile application in various environments.

The new AIR-board black panel series follows the ongoing trend towards clear shapes and colours, while adding more impact in terms of design and lighting effects. Since there is no reflection, the black thermoplastic panels allow light, shadows, nuances, textures and tones to come into their own, making them a design highlight in every application. 

AIR-board panels are ideal as room dividers, privacy screens and acoustic panels, creating impactful design outcomes by balancing translucence and privacy; in some lighting applications, the black panels even develop a fascinating, iridescent life of their own.

AIR-board’s translucence and light-scattering effects complement unique technical properties such as fire resistance (UV PC flame retardant), low weight and very high rigidity, making the decorative panels extremely suitable for a wide range of applications.

The panels with AIR-board honeycomb core and polycarbonate or acrylic facing sheets are especially suitable for applications requiring UV-resistant sun protection in interior design or as multifunctional acoustic panels in modern offices, administrative buildings, hotels and entertainment venues as well as in areas beyond the workplace such as retail stores and trade shows.

AIR-board panels are available in a large number of variants, and can be easily integrated with the acoustic system. The honeycomb cores are available in three different sizes and can be combined with various transparent or coloured facing sheets. The different layers and core structures allow a variety of imaginative design options. The panels are available in a standard sheet size of 3020mm x 1000mm with a 19mm thickness.