Allplastics Engineering fabricated a challenging disc from polycarbonate and Perspex for Sydney’s Vivid Festival.

Allplastics was engaged to execute the ‘Midnight Sun’ project by Weston Williamson & Partners, the architectural firm currently working on the Sydney Metro.

Allplastics’ engineering team CNC routered a two-metre diameter polycarbonate disc, covered in small clear, yellow, orange and red Frosted Perspex discs, creating a golden shimmer.

Midnight Sun is a large flame-coloured disc that rises over Sydney Harbour near Farm Cove. Lit by the rays of the sun during the day, the disc is illuminated by hundreds of tiny coloured discs using an LED light source. The LED light is powered by a photovoltaic panel, which is integral to the installation. It serves as a reminder that only 1.5% of the earth’s land mass would be necessary to generate all our energy requirements.

Allplastics converts your creative ideas into eye-catching displays and art exhibits utilising their colourful spectrum of colours.