Colour is an important component of interior design, especially in work environments where the ambience can impact performance. The selection of colours for the workplace has been linked with a range of behavioural outcomes from employees. The right mix of colours has been proven to improve productivity, spark creativity, reduce boredom and increase focus.

What the colours say...

Low wavelength colours such as green and blue create happy and effective workers. Green is restful for the eyes, making it a good choice for offices where continuous monitor usage is normal. Blue has a calming effect and lowers the heart rate, making the workplace a less stressful environment.

High wavelength colours such as red evoke passion, a sense of urgency and intensity while mellow yellow expresses optimism, making it ideal for creative environments – designers, developers and writers would thrive in this ambience. Orange is associated with enthusiastic employees and rapid decision making.

Neutral and earthy colours such as brown, white, cream, grey and black can be used to balance a brighter colour either by highlighting it or toning it down.

Allplastics Engineering has a wide selection of architectural plastics, offering architects and designers a broad palette to provide the workplace with the intended colour and mood effect.

Materials such as Perspex Frost with a double sided satin surface finish are available in four hues (Hot Frost, Vivid, Pastels and Urban), which can be intense or mild depending on the selection. These acrylic sheets can be used as workstation dividers, office partitions and light diffusers among others.

Gloss Solid Perspex colours will provide brightness and light reflection to add ambience to any dull environment.

Perspex Naturals are solid neutral colours that can be used for office furniture and directional signage or in combination with other colours to tone down or highlight a colour.

For brighter colour effects, consider Allplastics’s coloured acrylic mirrors, available in many colours such as grey, bronze, gold, purple, red, orange, green and blue. These colours are regularly used in the hospitality sector while corporate offices are also introducing the highly reflective surface on splashbacks and ceiling panels.

The latest edition Sweet Pastels range of Perspex features Orange Fizz, Bubblegum Blue, Sour Grape, Candy Floss Blue, Lemon Bonbon, Parma Violet, Spearmint Green and Raspberry Sherbet. These eight bright colours are ideal for environments where creativity needs to be nurtured.