Multi-coloured HDPE sheets available from Allplastics Engineering are versatile in application and environmentally stable with co-extruded multiple layers of contrasting colours.

Allplastics Engineering has completed several projects where multi-coloured HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) sheets were CNC-routed for applications in signage, playgrounds, golf courses, amusement parks, locker doors and swimming pools among many others.

These multi-layered HDPE sheets are ideal as a timber or metal alternative to avoid rotting or rusting problems. Available in a broad spectrum of bright contrasting colours, these are perfect for environments where strong impactful colours are required. Since the colours are embedded within the sheet and not just a surface finish, there is no need to paint - ever. Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, the multi-coloured HDPE sheets are easy to cut or engrave. The base materials are FDA approved.

The HDPE material is UV stabilised and the cap surface is textured, helping hide minor scratches that would otherwise be visible on a glossy surface. The extensive colour palette makes it convenient for designers to match their designs with corporate colours, sporting team logos or school colours.

The sheets are available in a size of 2440mm x 1220mm and 12mm or 19mm thickness.

Allplastics Engineering offers these multi-coloured HDPE sheets in different colours.