The award winning Ocean Foods Shop of Drummoyne in Sydney’s inner west is renown for its freshly cooked seafood. The owners of the business wanted a clear and innovative look for their front counter in addition to a durable and robust structure which would withstand the high customer traffic experienced by the shop as well as Translucent material to diffuse their LED lights.

Allplastics Engineering provided Translucent AIR-board ® UV PC CHAOS from its Decorative Design Composite Panels range with its distinctive core of randomly sized circles which are similar to air bubbles arising in the ocean. The unique bonding technology of the Decorative Design Composite Panels enables the combination of honeycomb core with transparent or tinted tough polycarbonate top sheets. The result is a range of lightweight and durable panels with exceptional optical texture and UV resistance.

The irregular core of the AIR-board® UV PC CHAOS has attracted the attention of many designers who seek a sense of randomness to distinguish an application from its monotonous surrounding. AIR-board® UV PC CHAOS range is the latest addition in the widest range of niche materials provided by Allplastics in Australia.