Allplastics Engineering supplied PEP-Core architectural panels for the newly refurbished bag racks at Our Lady of Rosary Primary School in Kellyville in north-west Sydney.

Alleanza Architects chose Design Composite PEP-Core Satin opal screens for their unique geometry, which provides exceptional rigidity as well as a very interesting decorative aesthetic to the application. In addition, the satin outer surfaces prevent fingerprints in the busy school environment.

The PEP-Core translucent panels provided by Allplastics Architectural division were installed by FAL Constructions, with the final design outcome warmly welcomed by the school students and the administration. Cassie Stronach of Alleanza commented that “the PEP-Core bag hanger screens look great”.

Available in clear, colour and satin finishes, the Design Composite PEP-Core panels offer architects, designers, project managers and builders with a combination of features such as rigidity, light weight, UV stability and exceptional aesthetics, not available elsewhere.

PEP-Core decorative screens can be used to easily transform school classrooms and adjacent areas such as the locker room and playground into more inspirational and colourful spaces.

Key features of Design Composite PEP-Core panels include 10-year warranty against discolouration; usability on both surfaces; compatibility with other glazing systems; light weight allowing simple installation; excellent UV and weather resistance; high hail and impact resistance; and light scattering and antiglare effects with lighting.

Design Composite PEP-Core architectural panels are suitable for bar fronts, ceiling panels, doors, partitions, skylights, stands and exhibition displays - indoor and outdoor; and wall systems.

CLEAR-PEP UV PC coloured panels are available in a size of 3020mm x 1000mm with 19mm thickness.

Colours include Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Green, Orange and Yellow.