Acrylic columns from Allplastics Engineering are helping research laboratories involved in the study of water resources.

Allplastics fabricates and supplies a diverse range of clear acrylic columns, tanks, detention boxes, flanges, sight glasses, sludge judges and various custom machined parts for research applications.

Research laboratories involved in the study of various aspects of water conservation, recycling and filtration of dirty water require mathematical and real life models to simulate the behaviour of water. Research outcomes help government and industry in developing new technology to monitor and quantify changing coastlines, and restoring wetlands to preserve wildlife and ecological communities.

Acrylic provides researchers with a safer and lighter alternative to glass for round columns, which are either supplied in standard diameters or custom moulded from sheet.

For heavy duty applications such as aquariums, ponds and fish tanks, Allplastics Engineering can fabricate Plexiglas sheets up to 100mm thick. Allplastics also offers polycarbonate tubes for demanding applications such as sludge judges and core sampling devices.