Allplastics Engineering specialises in the supply of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACM) designed for versatile application in the signage, exhibition, display and furniture industries.

Available in rigid gloss or matt surface options, these aluminium composite panels consist of a thermoplastic polyethylene core sandwiched between two outer flat aluminium panels. The polyethylene core is bonded between the two aluminium sheets providing a very lightweight, smooth, flat and rigid sheet.

Produced in a wide selection of colours including gloss, metallic and patterns, ACM sheets can be coated in options ranging from PVDF to polyester paint depending on the end use.

Designers and specifiers need to outline the end use of aluminium composite panels, especially in building cladding applications where a fire rated and tested brand needs to be used.

All exterior cladding installations are required to be carried out by certified installers.

Allplastics Engineering also offers CNC routing facilities including two 3m x 2m tables to rapidly replicate shapes and designs for their customers. CNC routing is a safe and economical alternative to laser cutting since not all substructures and thermoplastics can be laser cut.

Key features and benefits of aluminium composite panels include excellent surface flatness, easily cleaned surfaces, weather, corrosion and pollutant resistance, impact resistance, lightweight material with ease of fabrication, and fire rating for a limited number of brands.

Aluminium composite panels find use in exterior signage, point of sale, cladding, decorative partitions, suspended ceilings, shop fitting and splashback applications.

The Allplastics Engineering portfolio of brands includes Metaline, Dibond, Signbond and Alucobond.