Rowlux Illusion film from Allplastics Engineering was specified for a unique lighting application during a renovation at the Euston Club Riverfront Resort located in Euston, a quiet, scenic river town in the south of New South Wales, Australia.

The Club’s extensive renovation programme covered its entertainment, café, dining and accommodation facilities. Abeo Architects designed the café and dining area with Kelvin Murray from the firm specifying Rowlux Illusion film by Allplastics. Featuring a yellow-red serpentine pattern, the film was inserted into clear polycarbonate unbreakable tubes to create a stunning LED lighting outcome.

A multi-lensed thermoplastic film that gets its appearance of depth and motion from thousands of minute parabolic lenses moulded into the surface on both sides, the coloured Rowlux Illusion has a unique visual effect, which creates a warm atmosphere as well as an interesting discussion point among visitors. The lenses create a pattern of absorption and reflection of light resulting in interesting optical characteristics.

Key features and benefits of Rowlux Illusion flexible polycarbonate film include easily printable surface that can be scored, hot stamped, bonded and die cut; multi lens effect available in a choice of 26 colours with translucent and opaque options; 3D textures such as Moire, Sea Glass, Serpentine Ripple, and Summer Breeze; and available in 45.72 metres long x 642mm wide (Full Roll) and 22.8 metres long x 642mm wide (Half Roll) options.

Shimmering silk, stardust sparkles, and geometric repetitions are just a few of the different effects of the special film, making them ideal for applications such as restaurants, bar fixtures and aquariums among many more.

The Allplastics Rowlux Design Centre is an interactive swatch design tool that allows users to find the product they need for their application.

Allplastics also stocks a wide selection of clear polycarbonate tubes from 6.3mm OD to 127mm OD. Tubes can also be supplied in custom sizes for different projects. The polycarbonate tubes have excellent impact strength, higher service temperatures than PMMA (Acrylic), good UV protection and great light transmission.

Allplastics’ clear polycarbonate tubes find use in high impact applications, mining, instrument containers, lighting, sampling devices, security, sight glasses and sludge judges.

Image: Photo by Shane Strudwick - Brand Action