Allplastics Engineering has introduced a new range of cast acrylic sheets designed in response to market demands for finishes simulating earthy tones and the velvety texture of natural stone.

Allplastics’ Perspex Naturals cast acrylic sheets are available in a collection of six colours: Moonlight White, Midnight Black, Desert Beige, Walnut Brown, Mineral Grey and Ash Grey. The choice of pale, mid and deep tones in the new range helps create harmonious colour combinations to complement other design materials and environments. Perspex Naturals is supplied in double sided matt textures.

Perspex Naturals cast acrylic sheets find application in retail, point of sale or interior décor, café décor, room partitions or architectural features, landscape décor, and all natural contemporary designs.

Perspex Naturals cast acrylic sheets are supplied in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses with 6mm available for Moonlight White and Midnight Black for a limited time. The sheets measure 3050 x 2030mm.