Allplastics Engineering introduces Spray-Lock FRP spray adhesives for commercial and residential applications.

Using 60% less adhesive than traditional trowel-on adhesives, Spray-Lock FRP increases productivity with a faster application rate, saving time and money.

Spray-Lock FRP spray adhesives allow direct application to the wall and offer advantages such as instant grab properties, no offensive odours, water-based formulation, no trowelling requirement, and non-flammability.

Spray-Lock FRP adhesive adheres approved wall coverings and materials onto properly prepared smooth substrates such as plasterboard, cement sheet, Scyon sheet, timber, MDF, ceramic tiles, metal, FRP, concrete and glass among many others.

The adhesive can be used to bond acrylic sheet, polycarbonate sheet, PETG, MDF, timber, metal, Alucobond, rigid or foam styrene, rigid or foam PVC, Rowlux illusion film, or Korogard high impact wall protection onto various substrates.

The water based acrylic blend spray adhesive provides immediate shear strength during installation.

Being solvent-free, Spray-Lock FRP adhesive does not emit any harmful fumes and has zero VOC content. Spray-Lock FRP also uses a safe non-ozone depleting HFC propellant.

Spray-Lock FRP comes in easy-to-use aerosol cans.