Currently, each day the importance of environmentally responsible behaviour increases, and in response to it Allplastics Engineering offers a new range of multi-purpose plastic panels, the Plaspanel.

The Plaspanel is a be-all and end-all of closed loop recycling. The product is manufactured from recycled plastic waste in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and can itself be recycled.

Plaspanel are strong yet lightweight panels manufactured from recycled plastic using a unique moulding process. Plaspanel stocked by Allplastics Engineering is waterproof, so it does not rot, swell, delaminate, deteriorate or absorb moisture.

The smooth, non-stick surface cleans easily and is difficult to graffiti. They are rustproof, chemical, bacteria and mould resistant, with acoustic properties similar to brick.

Plaspanel is easy to work with and can be welded, drilled and mechanically fixed with standard tools. Available in nine colours in the 100% recycled range, Plaspanel has endless applications, as boat decks, furniture, playground equipment, wall cladding, fencing and much more.

The durability of the product makes it suitable for outdoor and high traffic areas and uses. Plaspanel is an environmentally friendly replacement option for traditional plastics, such as MDF, cement sheet and Marine PLY.