Architects Melinz Kim + Associates specified Pep Core 777 translucent decorative panels from Allplastics Engineering for the new Meadowbank Tafe office.

Installed by Adonis Building, Allplastics’ Pep Core diffuser ceiling panels satisfied the architects’ specifications. Christina Melinz from Melinz and Associates explained that they were looking for a material that would not be overpowering, and would still offer texture and transparency when backlit.

The light green tint of the Pep Core design composite panels from Allplastics Architectural Division adds a sense of mystique while diffusing the light beautifully. Minimum support along the edges will prevent deflection of the panels.

Allplastics offers a variety of translucent, satin finish and clear composite panels with a wide application range in architecture, awnings, decorative screens and shelves. Options include Pep Core, Air Board and Stage.