Acryform acrylic panels from Allplastics Engineering is eight times more resilient than glass and can be cut to any shape, drilled, cold radius, fuse joined and handled with ease both in the factory and on site.

The acrylic panels can be manufactured in high impact or UV protected substrate on request and when manufactured using high impact substrate, Allplastics can increase the ratio to 250 more resilient than glass.

The material is lightweight, easy to handle and is available in a range of textures including the popular Ocean and two textures designed specifically for table and vanity tops, Dreamtime and Lowtide.

Customers can also request a custom textures or designs with a longer manufacturing period.

The acrylic panels come in a range of colours including green tint which gives an intrinsic glass look, stormy, rough and sandstone, and the Perspex range including 15 frost and 6 pearlescent colours.

For further information on Acryfoam acrylic panels, please contact Allplastics Engineering.