Allplastics Engineering offers Acetal (Delrin) sheets and rods as well as a precision machining service for use in many industrial, engineering and material handling applications.

A hard engineering plastic with high tensile strength and rigidity, excellent machining ability, creep and wear resistance, and versatility of application, Acetal is resistant to hydrolysis, strong alkalis and thermo oxidative degradation.

Acetal is suitable for use in components where exceptional strength is needed to withstand above average temperature or moisture levels.

Key features of Acetal also include excellent dimensional stability, high lubricity, superior resistance to organic solvents, long term stability, outstanding abrasion resistance and recyclability.

Acetal sheets and rods find use in automotive components, bobbins, bushes in car washing equipment, conveyor parts, electronic parts, food machinery components, rollers, washers and telephone components.

Acetal sheets are available in 1000 x 610 mm, 2000 x 610 mm, 2000 x 1000 mm and 3000 x 610 mm sizes in a thickness range of 3 – 100 mm.

Acetal rods are available in 0.25 – 3 m (length) and 8 – 300 mm (diameter) in Natural and Black colours.