A non-slip floor is an essential element of a well-designed food manufacturing facility. Non-slip flooring protects the staff against any slip hazards in an environment that’s constantly exposed to spilled substances and liquids. Additionally, the floor provides the necessary grip to forklifts, trolleys and other equipment that move on the floor.

However, non-slip flooring is of various types – depending on the needs of the food production facility, the floor is specified with a particular non-slip level.

For instance, dry areas typically seen in warehouses or entry foyers should ideally have a light non-slip (R9-R10) floor.

For commercial kitchens, processing and packing areas where frequent washdowns are necessary, a medium non-slip floor (R10-R11) is suitable.

A heavy non-slip floor (R11-R12) is recommended for particularly wet environments such as abattoirs and meat processing facilities, because of the amount of liquid in these areas, which can turn them into high slip danger zones.

A floor with very heavy non-slip (R13) rating is suitable for freezers, coolrooms or other dangerously slippery areas.

Food manufacturing environments such as bakeries need a Flake Floor solution, as it provides a level of grip that does not allow flour or other small substances to get caught in the floor, which may cause bacteria to develop, potentially leading to a contamination problem. 

Some facilities prefer a stipple finish, which provides a lower level of grip but doesn’t compromise safety.

Non-slip floors from Allied Finishes

Non-slip flooring solutions from Allied Finishes not only offer the most suitable floor that meets industry standards for your facility but also provide for flexibility when choosing your colour and finish.

Allied Finishes' non-slip flooring solutions are easy to clean, customisable to your needs and preferences, and available in a wide range of finish options.