Allied Finishes has introduced an innovative solution for the food manufacturing sector to ensure flooring compliance prior to audits while adhering to tight budgets and timeframes.

Stakeholders in the food manufacturing industry are often faced with challenges, especially ahead of regulatory audits. For instance, consider a situation where you have to ensure that your floor must meet compliance within a short time and at a low cost but you don’t have the time to get quotes and your knowledge of flooring products is rather limited. All you know is the area you need to be completed in a colour of your choice with a limited time.

Allied Finishes’ latest product, Job in a Box was designed with the above client situation in mind. Be it a quick touch-up job on a patch or a small flooring area that needs to be completed, it can be quite challenging due to a lack of an all-in-one product that is specifically designed with food and beverage manufacturers in mind. 

The Job in a Box solution includes the paint necessary for the area you'll be covering, optional non-slip media, the tools needed for the project, and various accessories to help you do it right. You can also select from a range of sizes and colours.

If your project is greater than 120sqm, please call 1800 033 444 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, you can get a quote on a larger box. 

All the tools included have been specially selected to ensure the job is done right. A detailed set of instructions is included with the kit, which can also be downloaded here