Alliance Major Plant Hire  is an established company specialising in the supply of high quality earth moving equipment for use in a wide range of industries like mining, building construction, road building and water facilities. Compaction equipment possesses importance for both contractors and rental companies and not all products that come under this sector are affordable by different parties. Alliance Major Plant Hire enables such parties to benefit from its hire services which are latest in technology while affordable in their cost.

Three types of wheel loaders from Alliance Major Plant Hire are available for hire. They are the ZL50G, LW168G and LW820G. They are single bucket, front end articulation wheel loaders that are adaptable easily to the work environment. They are ideal for usage in ports, quays, yards and general building sites.

Alliance Major Plant Hire provides efficient earth moving machinery that can be used to shovel or transfer loose material like clay, earth, gravel, sand, aggregate and rock. In addition to earth moving, they also perform piling, stacking and towing operations.

The excavators from Alliance Major Plant Hire are designed to reduce operator fatigue and are available as fully hydraulic, crawler hydraulic and wheel hydraulic excavator models.