Alliance Major Plant Hire  is a premium supplier of compaction equipment for hire in the construction and civil construction industry. The products supplied by Alliance Major Plant Hire have been developed with reliability and affordability in mind without substituting quality.

The range of products includes internationally acclaimed and recognised brands of engines, hydraulic devices, differentials, fittings, pumps and hoses. All these products are assembled and prepared for the COBRA range by the leading Chinese machinery company XCMG for the Australian and New Zealand market. Earth moving equipment of various types and configurations are also provided by Alliance Major Plant Hire.

Various types of rollers like single drum and double drum vibrating rollers and pneumatic rollers are available from Alliance Major Plant Hire. The range of motor graders from Alliance Major Plant Hire has a multitude of uses from ground levelling, surface cutting, trenching to dozing, soil loosening and snow ploughing. They are ideal to be used in construction, mining, road building and water facilities project.

Wheel loaders are another type of earth moving and compaction equipment that can be adapted to shovel or transfer loose material such as earth, clay, gravel, sand, aggregates, and rock. In addition, they are also helpful in towing, stacking, ground levelling and piling.