Allegion announces the introduction of the Zero brand of door seals into the Australian market. A global leader in the manufacture of door seals, gaskets, threshold plates, and a host of complementary and ancillary items, Zero specialises in high quality purpose built products designed to fulfil end user requirements as well as meet the highest industry standards for door and window gasketing.

Based on their extensive experience in engineering solutions for demanding door and window hardware applications, Zero offers a broad range of performance based systems that are perfect for specific applications to block air, light, water, fire, smoke and sound. Designing and manufacturing window and door seals, and sealing systems for more than four decades, Zero International sets the industry standards worldwide for their acoustic ‘soundtrap’ solutions, which achieve the highest Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings in the industry.

An industry leader in seal designs for acoustic doors worldwide, Zero monitors the fast-evolving noise standards as they are incorporated into local building codes. The company continues to partner with door manufacturers worldwide to develop acoustic assemblies that are tested as a unit for seamless performance as well as to meet the evolving standards in different market segments.

Zero’s seal solutions have been installed in diverse applications from broadcasting and performance venues, to schools, healthcare facilities, and hospitality.

Some of the projects that have utilised Zero products:


The White House (Washington D.C.), US Department of Defense Pentagon Building (Washington D.C.), AOL Time Warner Building (New York), Canon Kawasaki Factory (Kawasaki), and Pfizer Corporation (Groton)

Arts and entertainment

Radio City Music Hall (New York), Smithsonian Institute National Museum of American History (Washington D.C.), and Tokyo Disneyland (Tokyo)

Broadcasting and recording

CNN Studios (Atlanta), BBC London Radio (London), ABC Studios (New York)

Hospitals and medical facilities

Children’s Hospital (Boston), King’s Country Hospital (Brooklyn), and St. John’s Hospital (Elmhurst)

Hospitality and retail

The Waldorf Astoria (New York), Tokyo Mid-Town (Tokyo), and Luxor Hotel (Las Vegas)

Educational institutes

Harvard University (Cambridge), MIT Lincoln Laboratory (Lexington), Yale University (New Haven), and Yokohama National University (Yokohama)


Established in the USA in 1924, Zero International began operations with the manufacture of window screens to fight the spread of mosquito borne diseases in New York City. Zero diversified into door seals in the late 1970s when they saw opportunities to expand into other door related products. Since April 2015, Zero has become a fully owned subsidiary of Allegion.