Allect Services  is a company that provides electrical contracting and maintenance services. Allect Services offers services like electrical installation, instrumentation calibration and MCCs services. Allect Services also provides electrical and instrumentation services.

Allect Services is a part of the Farrow group of companies and Allect Services also works in co-ordination with its sister concern, Automation Instrumentation & Control (AIC), to carry out the electrical contracting and maintenance services.

Allect Services has completed many successful electrical and instrumentation contracts with chemical manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industries and brick industries.

Allect Services also offers electrical contracting and maintenance services including labour contracting and 24 hours maintenance support. Allect Services has maintenance agreement with a leading food and beverage company for offering electrical and maintenance support and coverage all through the day. Allect Services also provides excellent maintenance service with the aid of its experienced maintenance electricians.

Allect Services undertakes turnkey solution contracts. Allect Services also offers services like supplying, designing, fabrication, installation, commissioning, testing and project documenting for pump stations, conveyor controls, mains, distribution switch boards, cabling works and MCCs up to 600V.