Allcool Window Tinting  offers security films, window films and grafix films for homes, offices and automobiles. The research and development team of Allcool Window Tinting has developed the safety films after testing these films under stringent conditions. The security films have been developed with high standards and have also been tested to meet Australian 2208 -1978 glazing safety standards.

The safety films are made of scratch resistance materials namely ASTM 1044-86, ASTM 1003-61, which helps in resisting abrasion. The safety and security tinting films from Allcool Window Tinting withstand high pressure and are capable of keeping the glass fragments intact even when the glasses are shattered. The tinting films also provide a safe environment during tropical cyclone.

The safety tinting films have been tested by Australian federal police, at the bomb data centre for its performance under high explosion. The tinting films also stay cool under fire. Since the tinting films are strong and capable of withstanding hammer blows, they are ideal for use in the windows of shops,

Supper coated security films from Allcool Window Tinting is capable of controlling 70% of sun’s solar energy and thus reduces expensive energy bills.