Allan E Johanson & Associates  provides consultation services for clients to create ideal computer aided building designs and building plans. Allan E Johanson & Associates also provides assistance relating to preliminary design issues of building construction. Allan E Johanson & Associates helps clients with the sequence of events that occur during design and approval stage of building construction.

Allan E Johanson & Associates follows a four stage operation for the design and approval process of new house construction. In the initial stage, Allan E Johanson & Associates does the designing, drafting and planning for new house construction. In this stage Allan E Johanson & Associates measures the site, discusses the budget for the new house, prepares the planning application and makes necessary adjustments as per clients request. Preliminary plans including elevation, floor plan and site plan is also done.

In the second stage of building plan, Allan E Johanson & Associates co-ordinates with owners and structural engineers, responds to the queries of the building department and provides additional drafting for building application.

In the third stage Allan E Johanson & Associates provides additional drawing details which explains the finish and construction of the house plan. Copies of building plans and specification to clients is also provided at this stage.

In the final stage of building plan, terms and conditions are negotiated after which work commences on site.