080 series adjustable relief valve is available from All Valve Industries . The adjustable relief valve is competitively priced and is a quality Italian item.

With several springs available to cover a range of pressure settings this 080 series adjustable relief valve will be sure to suit your needs.

The purpose of the pressure relief valve is to open automatically at a pre-set pressure to prevent equipment failure and for the safety of personnel.

The pressure relief valves are also fitted downstream of pressure reducing valves as a backup safety measure. For effective operation, the series 80 valve should be set at least 10% above the normal working pressure.

If the set pressure is too close to the working pressure, the valve will relieve unnecessarily when any fluctuations in line pressure occur.


Various springs available to cover different setting ranges. Easily adjustable with minimal tools required. The spring is encased in a dry chamber separate from the discharge chamber.

The pressure relief valves are suitable for use with water, steam and air, and can withstand temperatures between –10 °C to 220 °C.

The maximum working pressure is 1600kPa. Setting ranges vary according to size and different springs are available for each size to allow for settings up to 1600kPa.

The relief valves are available with either metal or PTFE seats. These Italian-made valves are a quality product while still being competitively priced.