All Torque Transmissions Asia  specialises in the distribution of industrial power transmission equipment. Diverse range of industrial power transmission equipment includes geared motors, gearboxes, variable speed drives, brakes and clutches. Torque Transmissions Asia sources its transmission equipment from leading suppliers like Warner electric, Comintec, Flender Couplings, Baldor and Weg.

All Torque Transmissions Asia offers services including product selection, in-house problem solving, repair facilities and services. The other services offered by All Torque Transmissions Asia include general engineering and machining, experienced appraisal of client’s equipment, delivery to valued clients, boring and keyway service.

All Torque Transmissions Asia commenced its operations in the year 1996. Various transmission equipment distributed by All Torque Transmissions Asia include Bonfiglioli transmittal planetary drive, Bonfiglioli shaft mount TA 125 series, Bonfiglioli gear drive and 2 × Bonfiglioli Italian shaft mounted helical bevel geared motors. The in-house assembly of All Torque Transmissions Asia perfectly provides the fitting accessories of all brands of gearboxes and motors. All Torque Transmissions Asia also offers DC motor and three phase motors in conjunction with controllers. W86 worm gearbox with High speed input is also distributed by All Torque Transmissions Asia.