All Things Stainless  offer 316 marine grade stainless steel wire for a variety of applications. 

All Things stainless steel wire comes in 3 main strands; 1x19, 7x7 and 7x19. The numbers indicate the number of strands used in the twist of the wire, i.e 7x7 indicates that it is constructed of 7 thiner wires twisted together and then 7 of these twisted together again. In total there are 49 individual wires twisted in a 7x7 specification to make the one strand of wire.

This implies that the more wires that are twisted, the more flexible the strand of wire becomes. Uses of the different strands are as follows:

1x19: Most commonly used with hydraulically swaged fittings. This is the stiffest wire available for baustrading. This wire is not suitable for thimble and ferrule type swages.

7x7: This is the most common wire used for DIY balustrading. It is a semi-flexible wire and is suitable for use with thimble and ferrule fittings as well as hydraulically swaged fittings.

7x19: This is the most flexible wire available. It is usually used for cranes and winches and is the easiest wire to hand swage.