All Over Bins  is specialised in landfill-based waste management and re-use of waste as a renewable precious recourse. All Over Bins is an Australian owned firm, based in Bayswater, Melbourne. The firm provides reliable service that is directly controlled by the owners of the company who have, collectively, 30 years experience in the Waste Management and Recycling Industries.

All Over Bins is a member of Waste Management Association of Australia and works with the environmental group officials. All Over Bins are also specialised in recycling processes. Australia is one among the countries producing high amount of waste in the world (OECD 2002).

In Australia, waste is generated at a rate of 2.25 kilograms per person per day, with the majority of which ends up in landfill (AGO 2004). All Over Bins is committed to the implementation of zero waste by 2014. All Over Bins has been providing service to customers for skip hire and rubbish bin hire for over 20 years.

All Over Bins provides green coloured rubbish bins and skips available in different sizes starting from 2.5 centimetres to 23 centimetres. At All Over Bins recycling plant in Melbourne, approximately 63 per cent of waste is recycled.